Our Human Resources Mission is
To show a continuous development in the direction of our vision by implementing specified human resources principles without any exceptions.

Our Human Resources Vision is
To become a company in which modern human resources systems are implemented, workers are actually happy and prefer our company to work at first.

Our Human Resources Principles are

- Ethical Values
We present an open, honest and consistent cooperation with our workers, suppliers, society we are taking part and government departments we are relating within the framework of the ethical values. The name of our company inspires confidence on every people we are in touch.

- Respect to the Individual
We value the discrepancies among people. We empathize, listen each other and work together in order to create an environment in which new ideas are put in words in an unhesitant manner.

- Continuous improvement
We increase the productivity and activity of our staff by offering training and improvement opportunities within the bounds of possibility. Newcomers to the company are subject to orientation trainings in accordance with the Orientation Procedure.

- Equality of Opportunity
We mind equality of opportunity in recruitment and improvement process. Without discriminating in the religion, language, race, culture and sex respects, we select the most appropriate people, we authorize people within the scope of their responsibilities, and we provide the required tools and proper working environment in order to make them successfull.

- Positive Attitude
We approach with the belief in achieving our objectives and excitement and we support each other. We display a positive attitude against everyone we are interacting including our work mates, customers, suppliers, shortly everybody and we give positive energy.

- Peaceful and Healthy Environment
All Kesimli Staff is obliged to create and protect a working environment which is far away from discrimination and emotional mobbing. No one can display exclusion, negtive and insulting behaviours and factional attitudes. All Kesimli Staff acts in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety provisions.

- Protection of Environment and Natural Resources
All Kesimli Staff spend effort in order to prevent wasting and polluting natural resources and they avoid wastage.

Salary Policy
A salary level which is provided in the direction of the duties, responsibilities, qualifications and performances of the staff, by considering market conditions is ensured to make staff happy and productive.